“Changing the Way We Eat”

I awoke to a once normal, but now shocking, scene: snow! During a very atypical winter, I had made plans, never thinking they would be derailed by a mini storm. Unfortunately, our four inches canceled my trip. Today was Tedx Manhattan’s “Changing the Way We Eat” event, and I going to attend a viewing party at a great farm an hour away.

Instead, I fired up my laptop decided to create my own viewing  blogging party! Throughout the day, I joined thousand of other web participants where we collectively learned about brilliant projects that are designing a better food system, one step at a time. Some of these brainchilds included recirculating farms, green walls providing food and entrepreneurial skills to middle schoolers in the Bronx, and the Organic Therapy Project which is helping veterans re-acclimate through the producing food.

While it’s impossible to have a favorite amongst such inspiring stories, there was one that spoke to me and my passion for seeing the eradication of hunger. When Gary Oppenheimer stated that “the opposite of hungry isn’t full- it’s healthy”, I knew I would like his work! Ampleharvest.org was created for those with plenty to give to those in need. If you know a garderner, chances are you have been ‘blessed’ with their overabduance of zucchini or another group. This site connects the dots, of those with ample fresh food with those in need of it. Best of all, it empowers community members to take care of their community. All that was needed was a bit of knowledge sharing. Having worked at a food pantry that was in desperate need of fresh produce, I’m so grateful for this tool.

Today, I heard from individuals who started with nothing more than an idea. They didn’t start with capital, it came to them along the way. They weren’t handed the map, the improvised with their idea. Their interest was not solely self-serving, it was beneficial to a much larger audience: their local and global communities.

There is so much creativity in how we change systems. Go radical, dream big, put your hands and heart to work.  Starting small to a major food overhaul. That is how we will see change.

We are ready for you.