Lessons in Living

Do what you love, and be done with it. For me, that is living a good life.

Lately, my life has had some of it’s roughest times. Quite a few people have mentioned to me that I’m strong, or they admire me. While I so incredibly appreciate their support, I don’t see how they could think so highly of me in such a low time of life. It has made me take a step back and reflect.

Today, I have lived out a few truths  in getting through the bad times I’d like to share.

1. Be uncomfortable. Make this your goal. Do something that makes you strech beyond that all to known comfort zone. Be it participate in a rally or try cooking up a new recipe!

2. Go back to your basics. When your life is good, what is part of your routine? Yoga, prayer, etc?

3. Meditate. I know I have plenty to work on when I cannot even quiet my mind. However, my whole day is changed, just if I start with this practice. One of my favorite mantras is “Breathing in I calm my body, breathing out I smile”.

4. La Bella Vita: The Art of Doing Nothing. Find the small simple pleasures- sitting in the grass and watching the fireflies, taking a walk, or slowly indulging in a delicious piece of fudge. When you can enjoy the moment, you can change your outlook.

5. Reach out. Find and connect to those people who you enjoy. Go out with the life of the party friend, or call up the galpal who always, always lifts you up when you are on the phone.

These are just some of the things that I noticed today that really brought me back to me.

Get busy people. Enjoy this life.


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